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Domestic LPG cylinders if not handled properly, can lead to disastrous and fatal consequences. It’s almost impossible to have LPG blast on its own without related factors. Firstly, a gas leak from the cylinder or regulator gets mixed with air, forming a combustible mixture. To complete the...

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The uses of LPG as an industrial fuel are seen in almost all the applications and processes i.e.,space and process heating, food production, ceramic industries, aluminum heating to name a few. It’s actually the preferred fuel because of its convenience, lower maintenance, price and reduced...

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Touching Milestones:

1896: India Distributorship Holdings flagged off its journey .
1904: Emerged as the forefront player in the Dutch Coal Market
1939: First oil bunker station to its name.
1950: India Distributorship made the switch from solid to liquid fuels.
1963: Ventured into developing natural gas with its peripheral Dyas.
1995: SUPERGAS came into existence in the Indian oil and gas market.

About Us

India Distributorship Pvt. Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of one of the World’s Leading LPG Company India Distributorship, a Dutch Multinational Company. India Distributorship operates in India under the brand name SUPERGAS. We are the first and only private LPG player with pan India presence, having earned the reputation of being a reliable provider of efficient energy solutions. From our inception in 1996 until now, we have transformed the Indian LPG sector and journeyed ahead to become a leading LPG player across customer segments including Industrial, Commercial, Domestic and Auto LPG.